Coaching is the development and action planning of professionals and organizations to help them achieve better results. Jim’s approach to coaching is founded upon many years of practical: Business, Leadership, and Coaching Experience.


I begin by listening to my client’s story to get a clear understanding of what they truly want.


We identify the resources they need and the goals to be achieved to produce desired results.


I provide the compassionate and strategic support my client needs to operate at Peak Performance.

The following beliefs and practices serve as the foundation for Jim’s coaching:

  • “The only meaningful things in business are raising performance and getting results.”
  • “Coaching is a “do with” versus “do to” practice.”
  • “The client is the expert, and the coach is the facilitator of performance excellence.”
  • “If the client is not getting the results they want, change what you’re doing.”
  • “The client has all of the internal resources they need to achieve their goals.”
  • “For coaching to be effective, the client needs to take full responsibility for the way things are and the way things are going to be. They must focus on what they want, be coach-able, and play at 100%.”
  • “The client’s business is a system. One thing always affects another.”
  • “There is no “one way” for achieving business or personal success. Therefore, work
  • from the inside out, and help the client find their own solutions.”
  • “Action without Vision is aimless effort, and Vision without Action is just talk.”

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