Scaling Up – I was a classic, successful one-man operator wishing to scale-up my business so that it would someday be able to run without me. I also wanted to go after those bigger and more complicated customer orders that simply couldn’t be be fulfilled by me alone. I’m a super detail and task-oriented person and knew I needed help if I was going to achieve these grand, long-term, strategic sort of goals. During the last several years, Jim Haley coached me on developing a clear vision, provided the weekly framework and accountability I needed to tackle the big picture, helped me power through limiting beliefs that were blocking my progress, guided me to envision, recruit and develop a whole team of employees, and contributed to the bottom line as we saw our sales double.

Thank you Jim. I never imagined I’d be enjoying unprecedented freedom running a business that is defined less by me and more by a team, while at the same time enjoying such stimulation as we now have the resources to take on really exciting new customer projects.

The story continues as Jim and I work together weekly to build my company.

Adrian Godina

Owner/Supply Chain Optics

“I first met Jim Haley in 2012 during a leadership training he was providing for a group of local State Farm Agents.

His ideas on raising business performance were fresh and intriguing, so I decided to hire him to assess my business, make recommendations for improvement, and provide results training for my manager and team. To my surprise…

we increased our production by 30% within 30 days and have continued to perform at a higher level ever since.

I’m very happy with the results from Jim’s coaching, and I recommend him to any small business owner that wants to get more out of their business.”

Dennis Rosene,

State Farm Agent

“I’m a busy guy, and I have little time to listen to what someone else thinks I should be doing in my business or personal life. Thankfully, this is not Jim.

Jim’s greatest strength is his ability to truly listen.

I feel deeply heard and understood when I work with Jim, which creates an environment of trust. Jim reflects back what he’s heard and asks really good distinguishing questions. This process has helped me clarify important issues in my life and created clear paths toward resolution and growth.

I heartily recommend Jim Haley and his “sounding board” style of coaching.”

Rob Raban,

President/Owner Industrial Valco

As the owner and president of a small company it became immediately apparent under Jim’s coaching that both my business and personnel life were linked together. The goals that Jim and I agreed on were to improve the business through a detailed roadmap of defining beliefs, restructure of behavior, and to gain discipline to separate business from family.

With Jim’s coaching techniques we set weekly benchmarks that I had to accomplish for my business and personal life. I found Jim to have a deep personal history of similar challenges which made our conversations and solutions relevant and life altering.

I now subscribe to “frequent tune-ups” with Jim to laugh about life and to keep the world in an honest perspective. As Jim once told me

“Its not about being better every time, but being better over time”.

Robert Taddeo,

President/Pacific Electronic Enterprises

“With so much constant change in my business model I needed a coach to help me keep my focus on what really counts.

Jim has the ability to help you focus in on what counts and get a clear view of what you want. I promise it will be one of your easiest checks to write and the ROI has been significant.

Do yourself a favor and hire Jim.”

Brian Griffith

Owner/ Griffith Capital

I’ve had the privilege of working one on one with Jim in the area of personal and management performance. Within weeks I began to see dramatic changes in my team’s production results.

Jim Haley picks up where motivational speakers leave off. I can attest to his skills and I highly recommend his services to any individual or business that wants to succeed.

Gary N. Whaley,

State Farm Marketing & Sales Manager

“The decision to partner with Jim Haley has proven to be the best I’ve ever made in my business of over 10 years. He has been an invaluable asset throughout the process of realigning my Agency Structure. I have a higher level of clarity and focus than I’ve ever had based on my work with Jim.

Whether he’s simply helping me to think out loud by acting as a high-level sounding board or teaching me a thought process or system to enhance and broaden my abilities or those of my team, the process is rooted in improving not only me but my ability to improve all those around me while holding me accountable throughout the journey. Regardless of whether you’re seeking improvement in a specific area or

you’re not even sure where to start, I can wholeheartedly endorse Jim because in working with him, you will find a new level of enlightenment, alignment and prosperity.

In the short few months working with him, my financial services production has increased by 188%. Based on my work with him through strategic hiring, planning and restructuring of my organization, these results are just the tip of the iceberg and a small glimpse of the future success we will share as a result of the process.”

Jason N. Hobbs, CLU® , ChFC®

Chartered LifeUnderwriter , Chartered Financial Consultant

I’ve worked with Jim for several months now. Jim’s coaching is insightful and extremely helpful. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a manner that is energizing and productive.

Jim asks challenging questions and at the same time is very helpful and supportive in helping me get clarity. His coaching sessions serve as a non-judgmental environment in which I can freely verbalize my concerns, frustrations and accomplishments. Jim patiently studied my practice and then helped me point my
business toward greater effectiveness, income and satisfaction.

He helped me evaluate what was working and what was not working in my practice. He helped me develop a plan that I could achieve, and he kept me accountable for accomplishing the changes. His coaching has also made a massive difference in

the way I see my worth to clients.

Thanks to Jim and our work together, I’ve become extremely focused and as a result I have
surpassed the first year performance goals in the first quarter of

the year.

I look forward to my continued accomplishments, both professionally and financially, with Jim at my side.

Thank you,

Holly M. Emge, Esq.

Owner/ Emge Law Group

I am enjoying the highest level of business success, and the greatest level of fullfillment in my life. This is in large part due to my coach Jim Haley.

Jim was instrumental in helping me start my own business. I recently went to Jim and asked him to help me “raise the bar” in my business. We did some great work, especially the “breakthrough” training.

Within 6 months I have increased my income by over 35%

and I am well on my way toward my goal of nearly doubling my income.

Jim showed me how to focus on what I really wanted and he helped me remove the obstacles

that had prevented me from reaching the level of income and quality of life I sought.

John Valenzuela

Financial Advisor

“My organization recently went through an extremely challenging transitional phase which,
without Jim Haley’s help, would not have made it. Jim kept me and my core executive team
focused, united, and committed, with unshaken belief we were going to make it.

Thank you Jim, your visionary approach has helped take our company to a new level of cohesiveness and productivity.”

Dean A. Shafer, CEO

XGEN Management Services , Orange County, CA

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